Keep it simple and short, but pertinent to your character. No more then a short or moderate paragraph. Lists are fine. Include a line about how the situation currently effects your character. (for example, "Because I was thrown out of my house at a young age, I have a severe distrust for authority)

Group Questions

This section involves quick questions about the setting. These are required before designing a character so they are not created in a vacuum.

What is the general setting? (High Magic, Dark Fantasy, etc.)
Where will the campaign start? (Major City, Small Town, Forrest, etc.)
Are there any campaign specific ground rules? (No Elven Monks, No large armies, etc.)

Character history

These questions are about your character’s history. It will better help the DM include content in the story that pertains to your character.

Describe your childhood
Describe a defining moment in you life
How did you arrive at the campaign starting location?
How do you survive from day to day?
Describe your relationship to someone currently alive that is important to you.

Group Interaction

These questions are about your character’s interactions with the group. It will provide additional depth to both your character and each character in the group. With your other player’s permission, feel free to give other characters virtues and flaws. the questions have been designed for five people. If four or less, only assign one virtue. If six, assign two flaws. If seven or more, add a second shared event.

In one line, describe how you know each other character.
Choose a character, and describe a shared event in your past.
Choose two characters, and assign them a virtue that you admire.
Choose a character, and assign a flaw that you find annoying.

By the end, each character should have one historical event, two virtues, and a flaw.

World Design

These questions are about the world at large. This will be used as the framework for a backdrop that the DM will base his story on.

Define a deity that your character holds to be true or exist.
Describe a society that your character is in some way affiliated with.
Describe the affiliation.
Describe a cultural landmark, a national treasure, or other highly esteemed object.
Describe your current relationship with that society.
With the help of the DM, place them on the map


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