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while this campaign is under construction, I suppose I’ll go over the philosophy of the campaign: the players design the entire world.

Each player fills out a Questionnaire about themselves and their character, and then the results of the questionnaire are used to design the world from bottom to top.

In addition, the game is run off of the philosophy of “yes.” Active player suggestions, that don’t contradict established continuity or aren’t blatant power-gaming maneuvers without creativity, are accepted and made part of cannon. For example, upon approaching a fork in the road, two players are asked what they would like at the end of each road. Each one gives a high level overview of what lies at the end of the path, and the DM runs the situation placed before him.

Note that the DM still controls the setting, theme, enemies, NPCs, and overall direction of the campaign. It is just that the players themselves are more deeply involved with the journey from start to end.

Main Page

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